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Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X Digital Beam-Steering Loudspeaker (Black)

Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X Digital Beam-Steering Loudspeaker (Black)

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product description

The Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X is a self-powered digital beam-steering loudspeaker that enables improved room aesthetics, with outstanding vocal intelligibility and tonal consistency. The proprietary Articulated Array transducer configuration allows wide, 160° horizontal coverage throughout the room, and MSA12X's modular design allows building of vertical arrays using 1-3 units. Dante digital audio network interface comes standard for connection with other Dante-enabled products over Ethernet-based networks.

Key Features

Digital beam-steering line array column loudspeaker with onboard DSP and 600 watts (12 x 50 W) of amplification

Family sound profile with the Panaray MA12EX Loudspeaker 

Twelve (12) x 2.25-inch full-range transducers with 58 Hz – 18 kHz frequency range 

Dante® digital audio network interface and line-level analog input 

Articulated Array® configuration allows wide, 160° horizontal coverage 

Modular design allows building vertical arrays using 1-3 units 

Multiple algorithms for beam steering control – designers can optimize consistency of coverage, tonal balance, and maximum SPL per job 

Supports independent level and EQ control of 2 separate beams per array 

Integrated mounting bracket allows up 90° of horizontal yaw adjustment 

Advanced steering and acoustic coverage prediction using Bose Modeler® software 

System setup, control and monitoring with Bose ControlSpace® DesignerTM software