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Definitive Technology UIWRSSII Reference Line In-Wall Speaker - White, UDTA

Definitive Technology UIWRSSII Reference Line In-Wall Speaker - White, UDTA

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The UIW RSS II is another important new addition to Definitive’s Reference Architectural Series. The RSS II is intended for rear or side surround use in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or more channel custom-install systems of the highest quality. Like the other Reference Architectural Series speakers, the RSS II is a totally non-resonant sealed medite enclosure, which easily installs flush into walls or ceilings in either new or existing construction. It features a curved angle bipolar array, which is perfect for movie and music surround use because it provides an ideal combination of direct sound for specificity and localization and ambient sound for enhanced spaciousness.

The RSS II delivers uniquely enveloping surround performance totally immersing the listeners in a complete 360-degree soundstage. Walls seem to disappear and the listening room will be almost magically transformed into the location of the original sonic event. The curved aspect of the bipolar array further improves dispersion into the room. When installed in the ceiling, the direction in which the driver arrays face can be rotated 90 degrees in order to optimize the performance depending on the specific location of the speakers in relation to the seating area.

Each RSS II bipolar surround speaker contains two complete 3-way full-range systems for a total of 6 driver/radiators in each speaker. The RSS II’s dynamic, spacious and uncolored sonic signature has been specifically engineered to blend perfectly with any of Definitive’s loudspeakers whether freestanding, in-wall or in-ceiling for an amazing lifelike sonic experience.


Key Features

Sold As Each

10 200 Watts Per Channel

Two High-Definition Cast-Basket 4-1/2 " Bass/Midrange Drivers

Two 4-1/2 " Planar Pressure-Coupled Low Bass Radiators

Two 1 " Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeters

26 Hz 30 kHz Frequency Response

White Finish