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Episode® Passive In-Wall Subwoofer with Single 8" Woofer ES-SUB-IW-SNGL8

Episode® Passive In-Wall Subwoofer with Single 8" Woofer ES-SUB-IW-SNGL8

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Episode® Passive In-Wall Subwoofer

Our flagship Episode® Passive In-Wall Subwoofer is a culmination of world-class engineering and uncompromising component selection. Each 8” woven fiberglass sandwich woofer features a nomex spider and oversized voice coil for unparalleled accuracy and low-end response. The system is enclosed in an easy-to-install sealed backbox to deliver low-distortion, high-impact bass. It’s perfect for mid- to high-end home theater and two-channel applications.

Backbox Considerations

This subwoofer is designed to use the wall cavity as its backbox. Typical 2x4 construction spaced 16”-on-center will create roughly 3 cubic feet of airspace in an 8’ tall wall cavity – perfect for retrofit subwoofer applications. It is optimized to work in as little as 1 cubic foot of airspace, which is equivalent to a 2.5’ tall wall cavity should you use a fireblock or purlin in new construction.

World-Class Engineering

Don’t be fooled by the fact this is an in-wall subwoofer. You see, this little guy features the same woofer found in its dual 8" sibling. It features an 8" Woven Fiberglass Sandwich cone, Nomex Spider and high- temperature voice coil. Optimized for outstanding audio performance, this subwoofer delivers realistic bass with a punch unmatched by the competition.

Locking Grill

The force created by this woofer was so great our engineering team wasn't able to use a conventional friction-fit grill - so they designed a new one! By adding small bump-outs to the grill and accompanying recesses in the plastic bezel, it stays put even when rocking the house! There's even the nice finishing touch of fiberglass tape for a smooth fit - and to prevent rattles.


No in-wall subwoofer is easier to install! Just use the supplied template to cut an opening in the drywall, connect speaker wire to the gold-plated spring terminals and zip the dog toggles into place.

Reinforced Bezel

To handle the power of this woofer, our engineers designed a custom bezel with reinforced ribs that won't flex or wobble under pressure. The result is clean, accurate bass!