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Episode Dynamic Series Class-D Amplifier EA-DYN-8D-100

Episode Dynamic Series Class-D Amplifier EA-DYN-8D-100

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Episode Dynamic Series Amplifiers deliver exceptional audio performance in an efficient design. Built with premium components and useful features like audio sensing, global inputs, bridgeable outputs, and adjustable gain control, this amp offers the versatility required for today's sophisticated audio systems. With up to 1000 total watts of power, the Dynamic series can handle just about any audio job you have.


Performance & Reliability

Each component of this amp is expertly crafted to provide the best listening experience possible. An efficient and lightweight ICE-power amplifier design produces less heat and allows for a cleaner running amp, while a signal-to-noise ratio of 103 dB and up to 1000 watts of peak power means you get a powerful, reliable system that your customer will enjoy for years.


Audio Sensing

Audio-Sensing is perfect for multi-room audio – when the last source shuts down, the amplifier will gracefully go into a power-saving standby mode. The 12V trigger inputs and outputs allow you to use a preamp or control system to turn the amp on or off, or have it "wake up" another device when the amp is activated. For high-use spaces like bars and restaurants, utilize the Always On feature for a hands-off operation.


Global Inputs

From single source with volume controls to independent sources at each room – or any combination in between – this amplifier has the flexibility you need. Global A/B provides two independent global sources that can be mapped to desired channel pairs – perfect for creating two different zones that each play a different kind of music.


Bridgeable Speaker Outputs

For larger speakers or high-power applications, bridgeable channels allow you to combine any two channels into a single functional channel. Run two "standard" zones of audio plus one high-power zone – perfect for high-powered outdoor applications or a killer stereo system.


Sub Out in Every Zone

Useful sub outs allow you to easily add an Episode architectural subwoofer and digital subwoofer amplifier to any room, providing rich bass and a more satisfying listening experience to your customers.


Gain Controls

This amp offers gain adjustments for each channel pair, allowing you to independently trim output levels in each zone whether using the global or line level inputs. In volume-control based systems, these can be used to prevent harmful clipping that could cause damage to the amp or speakers.


Loop Outputs

When using a stack of amplifiers, loop outputs offer a convenient way to daisy-chain the signal to downstream components. This eliminates the need for RCA splitters and delivers a cleaner, faster install.


Install Flexibility

A sleek Episode faceplate, slim chassis, and included rack ears and feet mean you can easily install this amp how you see fit. Plus, the 2-channel model features a 1U, half-width design, allowing you to mount two amps side-by-side with our optional mounting kit.


ESD & Surge Protection

Multi-room AV environments can be tough on an amplifier. Each speaker run acts like an antenna, so all kinds of nasty things can happen when the weather changes. That’s why we engineered this amp with surge protection components that exceed CE Level 3 standards. During development, every connection – all speaker outputs, RCA connectors even the power input - were ESD tested with up to 15,000V and Surge tested at 2,400V.