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Jamo A 360 Ultra Flat Wall Mount Home Cinema System LCR Soundbar (Black) 89735

Jamo A 360 Ultra Flat Wall Mount Home Cinema System LCR Soundbar (Black) 89735

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Jamo® A 360 Ultra Flat Wall Mount Home Cinema System LCR Soundbar (Black)
The innovative, ultra-flat A 360 loudspeaker (which measures just 3.6 inches deep) combines left, center, and right channel speakers in a single sleek, purpose-designed enclosure, a perfect partner for the latest generation flat screen displays. Also, it’s designed to match the rest of the A 300 series, so you can mix and match it with other speakers from the range.

Superior Drive Unit Arrangement
Despite its relatively compact size, the A 360 features no fewer than six individual drive units: three 3.5-inch bass drivers plus three 3.5-inch co-axial midrange drivers, with three integral .75-inch tweeters. That means each of the channels-left, center, and right, is taken care of by an individual pairing of bass and midrange/tweeter drivers, arranged in a 3 x 2.5-way closed configuration.

High Performance Cinema Speaker
Combine that drive unit arrangement with a 100-20,000Hz frequency response as well as a 100W power handling capacity (short-term) and there's no compromise when it comes to performance. This is a competent home cinema speaker (complete with vital magnetic shielding), even though It's one that's incredibly convenient.

Tilt Wall Mount Options
Thanks to a unique tiltable wall-mounting system, the mounting bracket adjusts upward or downward so the speaker can be aimed directly toward the listening position. Feel free to position the speaker above or below the screen... wherever works best for the installation!

Since 1968, Jamo’s mission is to consistently deliver superior, design-oriented home audio solutions that enhance the music and movie listening experience for any home, office and retailer. Jamo is the designer speaker of choice in over 80 countries around the world. Founded on Danish-design principles, Jamo speakers are simple, stylish and functional - all while delivering incredible audio. Jamo speakers are designed and engineered to last. Made from the highest-quality materials available and tested to provide consistent superior sound for years to come.