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Klipsch PRO-1200SW-12-IW 12″ In-Wall Subwoofer 1064595

Klipsch PRO-1200SW-12-IW 12″ In-Wall Subwoofer 1064595

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In a league of its own at only 3.75″ deep, the PRO-1200SW sits perfectly between two studs long before the drywall goes up. A 12” Cerametallic Woofer delivers premium low frequencies that’s enhanced by its tall MDF enclosure for optimal bass response.


Hidden High Performance
A true subwoofer for both music and movies, the PRO-1200SW provides clean, dynamic, powerful low frequencies while its behindthe-drywall design keeps it hidden from view. Simple, easy-to-install design allows for direct, secure installation into a new construction standard 16” OC stud bay using included wood screws for retrofit or new construction. The drywall can be installed over the front face of the cabinet, with a 14”x14” cutout exposing the driver.


High Performance Acoustics
12” long-throw Cerametallic woofer with reverse rolled surround provides dynamic, balanced, powerful low frequencies – all within a traditional stud bay. Maximize the output and acoustic performance using the KDA Series DSP amplifiers, which include presets for optimized EQ and limiter settings custom designed by Klipsch engineers specifically for the PRO-1200SW.


MDF Enclosure
The durable, robust MDF enclosure, provides accurate, powerful low frequencies while helping to isolate sound from neighboring rooms.


Magnetic, Paintable Grille
Magnetic, bezel-free, paintable grille blends seamlessly into even the most luxurious of living spaces and home theaters.