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Signature 7 Series 6" Point Speaker SIG-76-POINT (Each)

Signature 7 Series 6" Point Speaker SIG-76-POINT (Each)

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Signature 7 Series Point Speaker (Each) - 6"


Signature by Episode is the most versatile, dynamic, install-friendly speaker in the industry. Designed and engineered with a scientific focus, Signature provides high-performance sound through low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response. Plus, Signature speakers are crafted with intuitive features like Push Lock by Swarm technology, as well as a one- or two-step install option and a full suite of accessories for unparalleled convenience on any install.


Easy Install

Signature by Episode features exclusive Push Lock by Swarm technology, a toolless mounting solution specifically designed for Signature. For both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, Push Lock secures the speaker with the simple press of a button for the fastest and most secure install on the market. Plus, the dogs can be cinched down an extra 6mm when you need additional security in situations with uneven sheetrock, popcorn ceilings, etc.


Your Speaker, Your Choice

Every Signature by Episode speaker (yes, both in-ceiling and in-wall) can be installed via a one-step or two-step process. Install the speaker in one step with zero tools and one trip up the ladder or remove the center core of the speaker and install the cradle with optional backbox and grille, so you don’t risk speaker damage while the build completes.


Tweeter & Woofer Compensation Switches

The tweeter and woofer feature a + or – 2dB gain for perfect, customized sound matched perfectly to your customer’s space.


Directional Sound

15-degree speaker angle with adjustable silk dome tweeter enhances sound dispersion to maximize coverage in any room for a more immersive experience.